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Apr 29, 2018 · What Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson did to Arsene Wenger on his final old Trafford appearance.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has marvelled at the negotiating prowess of his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger. The real gem is Ferguson's grudging and colourful praise for how ... Arsene Wenger could 'run a poker school in Govan', says ... ALEX Ferguson joked today that Arsene Wenger could 'run a poker school in Govan' following the reluctance of the Gunners boss to budge on Robin van Persie's transfer fee. Robin van Persie saga showed Arsene Wenger could run poker ...

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Arsene Wenger's heartfelt message encapsulates the game's ... Arsene Wenger spoke for world football on Sunday when he delivered a heartfelt message of good wishes and support to Sir Alex Ferguson following news that his friend and great rival is seriously ... Robin van Persie saga showed Arsene Wenger could run poker ...

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Dein believed that Wenger was a true visionary that could change the course of Arsenal’s history. I don’t think even Dein expected what followed next. Arsene won a double in his first season at the helm. He repeated the feat later on and achieved the unthinkable in 2004. Arsenal won the English Premier League, and the Invincibles were born. The inside story of how Arsene Wenger's Arsenal departure was ... Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal but, for a man once described by Sir Alex Ferguson as a brilliant poker player, we should have guessed that the seismic news of his departure would be unknown even ... Arsenal: Sir Alex Ferguson's defense of Arsene Wenger has holes

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Robin van Persie saga showed Arsene Wenger could run poker ... Sir Alex Ferguson offered an amusing assessment of Arsene Wenger's haggling technique in the tough negotiations over Robin van Persie. After weeks of stalemate, Ferguson finally got his man after ...